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We publish a quarterly newsletter with interesting articles for beginners and the more advanced.  A diary of club events and reports of outings, advances in arachnology, news snippets, etc., are included.

Field outings

These are arranged regularly with knowledgeable leaders who are able to help newer members and we have informal meetings and get-togethers during the “off season”.

Identification courses

Identification courses at various levels are offered from time to time.

Displays and promotions

Public displays, illustrated talks and promotions can be arranged.  Please contact us for more details. Members are encouraged to participate.

Distribution mapping:

The Spider Club and its members are involved in projects with both public and private landowners to map and list the distribution of arachnids in South Africa and specimens collected are deposited in official collections for reference purposes.

The pet trade in invertebrates

We assist the authorities in monitoring the pet trade. Laws are changing and at present it is illegal to catch or keep certain local arachnids without a permit from Nature Conservation and the import and export of invertebrates is regulated; permits and impact assessments need to be obtained from the relevant authorities.  If you do buy tarantulas or other arachnids please make sure they are not indigenous species.


  • Membership is by means of an annual subscription fee payable 1st July every year. (R120.00 (SA) South Africa, R160.00 (SA) neighboring states, all other countries R120 (ZAR)$20 (US) / £10 Sterling (UK). Apply now, anyone can join!
  • Payment of annual subscription gives you membership for one year.
  • If a member subscribes or renews membership within one membership year, they will pay full membership for that year and receive back copies of any newsletters already sent out that membership year.
  • The committee has the right to terminate a membership if it is in the interest of the club to do so.

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