July 2023 Spider of the Month

The JULY Spider of the Month (SOTM) is this decorated stumpy crab spider (Thomisops pupa; Thomisidae), photographed by Carol Bell in Marloth Park, Mpumalanga. With plenty of wildlife in Marloth Park, Carol planted what she calls a “lowveld bush rose”, with grey leaves, that the kudus won’t eat. When she picked one of the flowers, she found this little crab spider inside. The females of this species are 6-7 mm in … Read more

June 2023 Spider Of The Month

The JUNE Spider of the Month (SOTM) is this ogre-faced net-casting spider (Asianopis sp.; Deinopidae), photographed by Dawie Broekman in Malelane, Mpumalanga. In his main post, Dawie said: “A very special spider marked off on my dream list… Not once, but twice, in one night! … These magnificent nocturnal spiders don’t just have the biggest eyes of all spiders, they also have an incredible hunting technique. They … Read more